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"I have been getting massages once a month for about 5 years now from Anne. She is wonderful! I suffer from fibromyalgia, TMJ and rheumatoid arthritis and these massages are the best medicine for controlling my pain. I used to have knots on top of my shoulders the size of an egg. I had constant neck pain and back pain let alone headaches. Anne is very good at what she does and she continues to do ongoing education to keep up to date on new methods and techniques. She is very professional. I really can't say enough good about her and the wonderful job she does. I have recommended her to many friends and family members and they all love her as well."

~ Rhonda

"Anne's highly professional demeanor and tremendous empathy helped me reach a state of relaxation, calm and comfort that I'd honestly never experienced before. I engaged her services as a hopeful skeptic, but came out with a lot of faith in the process."

~ Meg

"Anne has been my massage therapist for the past ten years, helping me with muscle pain and problems and easing the stress working on computers causes to my body. I have recommended Anne to my family, friends and colleagues and often buy gift certificates from her for special occasions."

~ Victoria

"I have been a client of Ms. Daly's for several years at the initial suggestion of Dr. Doran. Her indepth expertise has aided in the recovery from some fairly serious physical leg, arm and rib issues. As well as part of the plan to manage job stress. Her experienced and firm techniques have also significantly helped me manage lower back tightness issues. I heartily recommend Anne to anyone looking for a LMT to manage muscle issues caused by stress or physical injuries. My active lifestyle is much more enjoyable when all of the pieces work together."

~ Ernie

"Anne has been my massage therapist for six years, and I always look forward to my twice-monthly sessions. She makes a point to ask about and focus on any problem areas. Anne exudes peacefulness and calm, and I always feel relaxed afterwards. I have great confidence in her abilities and heartily recommend her services!"

~ Shirley

"Anne came to me on location when I was under a lot of stress. I am sensitive and she really listened to my high maintenance needs and relaxed me thoroughly. I'd go to her again in a heartbeat."

~ Joy